New Pop Collection

New Pop Collection was born in 2004 out of Lucia’s and Stefano’s passion and enthusiasm.

Its story is first of all the story of a family, dating back  to the Milano of the 90’s, when Stefano, then a boy, was helping his father in the family business, learning from him the tricks of the trade. Later on, the company was  taken over and completely transformed by Stefano and his wife Lucia.

Lucia, after several managerial experiences in other sectors, decided to direct her energies, creative zest and dedication towards her lifelong passion: fashion. Today Lucia is New Pop Collection Creative Director. Two people, one passion, a winning combination: shared commitment to quality and expression of personalities and individual talents are the driving forces of the company.

Our mission is to enhance feminine charm and allure as well as exalt the unique and inimitable traits of each individual. That is exactly why glamour combined with obsessive and constant care for details and quality are the hallmarks of NPC collections. Each clothing item  stems from creative thinking of designers as well as from expert tailors that hand-embroider one-of-a-kind pieces.

In our collections we are inspired by most sophisticated trends and explore how style has evolved, to catch/interpret shifts in taste in the smartest European capitals, with a keen eye for quality in the production of mesmerizing handicrafts and must-have women’s fashion items for your exclusive soirées.

“Unique and inimitable, just like you.”